Having a Lot on My Plate: Merry Musings Vol. 3

Having a Lot on My Plate

When I embarked on my quest to discover a merry moment each week, I knew it was only a matter of time until I reached a point when my to-do list exceeded the amount of time that I would have to spend writing a new post. After triple booking myself twice, navigating two group projects and tackling a video at work, my primary form of merriment this week undoubtably derives from waking up this morning after enjoying more than 5 hours of sleep.

Perhaps my freshman orientation leaders were on to something when they advised us to only get involved in two organizations at a time!

I know I’m not alone in my stressed-out state; no college student is particularly relaxed during week 12 of the semester. Yet, it was in the midst of these stressors that I discovered this week’s unlikely Merry Musing.

Every year on Thanksgiving, I always give thanks for having a lot on my plate– the mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey, of course. I always go back for second helpings, and as a true pumpkin enthusiast, I always leave room for dessert.

Having a lot on my plate is not a concept that I am unfamiliar with. Just as I find myself unable to say no to a second slice of pie, I have an uncanny inability to decline any request that comes my way. I join organizations, I commit to meetings and before I know it, my plate consists of a color-coded planner saturated with obligations.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a plate saturated with gravy.

Like any well-proportioned plate, the key to avoiding obesity– or just becoming overwhelmed– is maintaining a well-balanced diet. At Thanksgiving, that means saving room on my plate for salad; in school, that means saving room in my schedule for fun.


I’ve always considered the word “friendsgiving” a bit of a misnomer; Thanksgiving, though often celebrated with family, is a time to give thanks, no matter who is around the table.


Fun– particularly during a busy week– doesn’t have to mean dropping everything to play a board game or watch a movie (though it can). It doesn’t have to mean blasting Christmas music while baking cookies (though it might).

It means being present in every moment as you look around the table at a meeting and realize that despite the time commitment this additional obligation adds to your life, you’re pretty darn lucky to be surrounded by a group of people who make you laugh until you forget all about the five other items you need to accomplish before the end of the day.

After all, it’s pretty hard to enjoy the delicious sweet potatoes when you’re focused on how much better the pecan pie will be 20 minutes later.

Throughout the week, give thanks for having a lot on your plate, both at the table and in your schedule. Just as every slice of pie symbolizes how fortunate you are to have plenty of food, let every meeting and assignment remind you of how many opportunities you have to both gain new experiences and meet new people– just don’t forget to save room for dessert.


If you missed last week’s Merry Musing, check it out here. What’s your Merry Musing this week?

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  2. This can get a little crazy around the holidays! Try not to overwork yourself and make sure to take the time to enjoy the holiday 😜

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